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Set Edelweiss forever

with this extraordinary set you will feel like empress sisi on tour through the alps with her beloved franzl. tyrolean loden combined with purple-red indian wild silk and "lustenauer spitze" (alpine lace) gives that unique set a real special touch.

but not only you will feel very special - also your dog-puppy will enjoy the feeling of pure silk. please note, that the bag is mainly intended to be used as a shopping bag, small pets can be carried, but not for long journeys.

as a complete set of bag, blanket and foldable drinking-dish with case you are perfectly equipped. additionally you get an adequate cape for your puppy and as a highlight a "dirndl" which will convert your little princess most certainly to the "fescheste madl auf der wies'n" (bavarian for: the cutest gal at oktoberfest)

guaranteed quality

high quality materials and careful manufacturing guarantee long-lasting quality of our works.

in seldom cases where an error may occur, we guarantee short-term free repair or replacement free of charge for a period of five years.

creative ideas

southern light in the midst of the atlantic ocean, the endless wideness of the sea and the constant breeze of the trade winds, combined with a lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, give creativity the space it needs, to originate extraordinary creations.

worldwide shipping

we ship our creations worldwide. please note that delivery times may be longer. at your request, we also can deliver via express courier.

against reimbursement of costs we will send fabric samples in advance.

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